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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter and Holi - Embracing the Colour of Life...

The colours of Easter fascinate and bewitch...
Embarking a kindred effect as of Holi...
I feel overwhelmed with the profound muse...
The two beautiful festivals propagate belongingness -
"East-in-Easter and Holiness-in-Holi"!

Easter Decor - Coloured Easter Eggs and Feathers
Colours of Holi | Image Source
Harbinger of love, hope, truth and faith...
Both denote renewal, new life, fortune and zest...
I feel enlightened by the captivating essence of belief...
Be it the east or the west, both define happiness at its best!

Marshmallow Chicks
Chocolate Bunnies | Image Source
Thandai and Ghujiya | Image Source
Jelly Beans, Chocolate Bunnies, Marshmallow Chicks and Hot Cross Buns...
Thandai, Ghujiya, Bhaang and Jalebi...
I feel drenched in the aromatic pleasure of the alluring dishes...
The fun of celebrating week long occasions together brings a reason to fill the heart with glee!

An Exclusive Painting of Beautiful Spring | Image Source
The advent of harvest and spring embrace the two carnivals...
Both make us harness our divinely true energies...
I feel blessed with the love of Jesus, Vishnu and the Goddess of Spring...
The traditions may be different but the feeling is one – "The colour of life is love - Celebrate it "together" for the gift of ever lasting memories!"
Easter Wishes | Image Source
Holi Wishes | Image Source
I would love to know if you too feel the same! Please share your comments below! :)


* Author of this post reserves rights for the content source being original work of art. Please do not copy without permission. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is based on the author's feelings and perception, the purpose of which is to spread positivity through the beautiful connection felt between Easter and Holi. The inspiration behind this piece of composition is not any religion but the curiosity of insight into the similarities between the two festivals celebrated last week. The author being Indian by origin is familiar with Holi and being present in Stockholm gets a sense of familiarity with the Easter facts.

Monday, March 14, 2016

5 Positive Traits to Learn from Sunny Leone

When I say, “Sunny Leone”, anybody querying would certainly be an alien. Today’s post is an acknowledgement of Honesty and Humbleness reflected from the quite controversial interview of Karenjit Kaur Vohra, popularly known as Sunny Leone world-wide!

If you think I belong to the porn fandom, I score you zero! But this diva gets a score of 100 for showcasing her integrity of character. Sunny’s candidness has awe-inspiringly bowled me over! I wish to share the highlights and 5 positive traits from “Sunny as a person”.

#1 Keep Going and Live with No Regrets

Bhupendra Chaubey, the host, volleyed the very first question over the most googled personality in India, “Tell me one thing that you regret! One thing which went wrong for you! What would that be?

Ms. Leone calmly told that she has no regrets professionally. Though at personal level, there was just one instance that went wrong when she could not reach home fast enough on time while her mother passed away! She accepts that she made mistakes or selected wrong choices probably just like any other human being.

Take Away Positive Trait #1: Sunny’s even-tempered attitude makes you learn to keep going without clinging on to the past. The very strong point here is that at some point in life there may appear certain circumstances when you may make a wrong or odd choice, intentionally or unintentionally, but since selecting a specific choice would be your decision, hence you must not have any regret. This makes life much easier!

#2 Don’t Be Affected by Other People’s Opinions

Another set of propelling questions was, “Do you get upset? Do you get upset by the negative comments which sometimes appear about you?

Sunny’s reply was remarkable! Being a human, she agreed that she does get upset at times. But then, she does not show anybody that she is upset. She told she would not ever want to give the person the gratification of knowing that they upset her!

Take Away Positive Trait #2: This is truly a gem of traits that too few hold in today’s biased world. This makes you learn not to be affected by other people’s opinions in a way that even if they upset you, keep doing what you intend to. Keep high levels of positivity to deal with the negative comments. Personally speaking, in my opinion, if someone does not hold any value in your life it is useless to show your resentment to them! Also, rather focusing on the lame words, you should emphasize on the important tasks of your life.

#3 Accept Your Past

There were some spiky questions, “If I was to turn the clock back, would you still do what you did? So would you still do the kind of shoots, the kind of work that you did before you came into Bollywood?

The Mastizaade girl modestly spoke the words of wisdom, “Everything that I have done in my life has led me into this seat. So, it’s a chain reaction that happens. Everything is a stepping stone to something bigger or better, or you want it to be bigger or better in life. That’s what life is all about! When you grow, when you are young, you make decisions that lead you to who you are as an adult. And that’s just the way how it works!”

Take Away Positive Trait #3: Undeniably, this is the truth of life and a trait of authentic people. This is a piece of clear inspiration for everybody to approve everything that occurred previously in life. “Accept your past” is also a highly recommended cult in spiritual practices which is necessary to bring in peace of mind. It is preached world over that every single incident (good or bad) holds significance in your life because it has contributed in shaping up the form that you are today.

#4 Be Positive and Believe in Yourself

Another piece in the pipeline of questions was, “How does this extreme curiosity and extreme hatred affect you? If it goes hand in hand for you, it could be your USP, but how do you deal with it?

Sunny punched this one with a very apt answer, “There are going to be people who are going to hate you all over, it doesn't matter where you are in life! I am not someone who gets frazzled or affected by people’s negativity at all, not even a little bit. Usually negativity spins from your own life, and how you are. So I have no reason to hate you, if you have reason to hate me, because of your views in life, then that’s you prerogative, you can do whatever you want!”

Take Away Positive Trait #4: Sunny’s words are gems of wisdom reflecting simple fact that you cannot control anybody’s opinions or feelings. Hence, it is essential to be positive with strong belief in self. Value your opinions and perceptions without bothering about anybody’s comments or judgement. No negative talk or act can bother you if you truly believe in yourself!

#5 Honesty is the Best Policy

The show wrapped up with the last question, “How would you want the viewers to look at you?

Sunny’s frank and honest answer is a great reply, “I want the viewers to look at me how they want to look at me, however they feel like seeing Sunny Leone, that’s how they are going to see me! There’s no way that I can change all the viewers that are watching this, in this one interview, to change their mind and say, “Hey! I am a real person! I am not what the media makes me out to be, or what you think I might be!” So, I always say that I need 5 minutes with somebody to have a normal conversation and I might change that person’s view of me! And that’s all that matter at the end of the day.”

Take Away Positive Trait #5: Indeed,“Honesty is the best policy”! Sooner or later, “Truth” always comes up to the surface! Nothing beats it! But, it is not necessary what you see is always the truth. Sometimes, there are more facets to an individual’s personality. In a chaotic world full of judgemental people (at personal and professional front), being honest will naturally make you gain credibility and sort out all the odds of life.

Honesty and Humbleness | Image Courtesy
With this show, Sunny Leone has definitely grabbed a place in my heart with her honesty. I convey my heartfelt applause for her intellect. I see Sunny as a strong individual exuding positivity and wisdom! Her words are testimony to the fact, “Do not let your worth be a result of other’s opinions because not everybody knows the real you!


* Author of this post reserves rights for the compiled content being an original concept while a part of the content forms the source from "The Hot Seat" interview. Please do not copy without permission. Be mindful to give credit if you refer this blog post anywhere. ©Jyotika Rajput Mehra

* This post is purely based on the author’s feelings and perception, the purpose of which is to spread positivity and empower the readers with the valuable personality traits of honesty and humbleness.